Pre-order Monkey Safari's New Album

It’s not long now to the release of Monkey Safari’s new album, ‘Odyssey’ and it’s now available to for pre-order.

The album kicks off with squelchy synths and intoxicating vocal coos before getting more deep and stripped back, with a moody atmosphere pervading the supple grooves. Things get more melodic and subtly uplifting as the album progresses and tracks range from spooky to emotive to scintillating, with original ethereal vocals making a number of appearances. Each track offers something different in terms of mood and style, yet the whole album plays out like a perfect journey with all the necessary highs and lows required. At the same time, the pair’s exquisite synth work and knack for well programmed drums always shine through and prove they are slicker than average studio wizards.

The album drops on the 27th of October on Hommage