GusGus Dj Set (Biggi Veira)

GusGus Dj Set (Biggi Veira)


Biggi Veira — a true Reykjavík native, purveyor of fine rhythms and synths, DJ maestro and well-known collector of high heels and hosiery — began DJ’ing in the late 80’s and early 90’s when he met Herb Legowitz (aka Maggi Lego) and founded one of the most iconic electronic duos: T-World.  T-World, best known for “Anthem” (released on Underwater Recs. in 1994), was approached in 1995 by a collective of actors, singers, film directors and artists to bring in that ambient breaks vibe, and as a result GusGus was born. Currently, Biggi is half of the remaining founding members of the legendary Icelandic electronic band GusGus.

After much persuasion from several friends and fans, Biggi has decided to take himself behind the decks once again, after all as the saying goes “What is well learned, is never lost”, and the response worldwide has been amazing. So far, the Icelandic electronic revolt has taken the Americas by storm. We guess the power comes from the heels… or maybe from within… Regardless, Biggi Veira has proven once again he’s here to stay and the perfect representative for the Gus Gus Dj Set.


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