Gorje Hewek & Izhevski

Gorje Hewek & Izhevski



As a living example of an organic and natural creative collaboration, Gorje Hewek & Izhevski long before the meeting had relatively common coordinates for their goals and aspirations in life. And moving their individual way, their fates crossed when they reached the same point at the same time. In such cases usually say “the right place and time.” It was an online music project that GHIZ had been working on with a partners for several years. During this period, already shoulder to shoulder, they developed and strengthened their beliefs and sights on music in general, recording several hundred studio sets and playing together dozens of hours. And they were able to consider in each other a lot of facets that complemented and united them. Felt and saw how any object or production that they touched together acquired a powerful driving force.
One of these objects was their own label Shanti Moscow Radio. Which today brings to every corner of the earth an exceptional blend of originative, emotionally saturated and life-affirming music, uniting around many talented musicians of a new generation. The beginning of the formation of this division was GH+IZ’s own music, which has a foundation in fundamental and natural things. It nourishes its strength in everything that surrounds us and fills, which gives us a full range of feelings and emotions. Their studio is always full of poetry, fresh air and spices that give a taste to their work.
No less natural was their alliance with the label All Day I Dream. Without specifically looking for each other, their paths crossed at a certain moment, and several fundamental releases became a brace of long and strong friendship. As well as numerous label tours in which the guys have been actively participating for several years, having visited all continents during this time.


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