Eins Tiefer

Eins Tiefer
Berlin, Germany
Upon.You, Sisyphon, Younion

Nico Bulla and Vincent Probst first met at Vincents hidden underground rave called EINS TIEFER.
The two friends soon discovered their shared passion for djing, electronic music and traditional homemade food.
Both living in the vibrant city of Berlin, working together at their restaurant St. Mauli, cooking traditional swabian cuisine by day and producing music passionally by night. Their first track “Arpagon” was released 2015 on Marco Resmanns imprint Upon.You. Soon followed by other releases on Re.You’s new label “Younion” and Javier Ordunas label “Nightcolours Recordings” in 2016. Their first EP “Reactor” came out on “Sisyphon” the Sisyphos Club label.where they also play regularly.
In 2018, Eins Tiefer & Re.You produced the Track Validate for Younion. After this Release, they started to work together for the Younion Label. in july 2019 will come a new EP from Eins Tiefer on Younion with Limited Vinyl edition.
Their latest EP on Upon.You “Sphere” is now available and a Remix for &lez will come in June 2019 on Vinyl too.
You will recognize their back2back DJ– and Live-Sets when you hear their wild deep sound.

  • 25.01.2020 - Bahnwaerter Thiel / Munich / Germany

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