As if Braunbeck was meant to approach the core of clubculture from various perspectives, he was entrusted with arranging remarkable nights when working in nightclubs and organizing his own events over the past 10 years. There, through meeting the artists, observing their sets and productions, the initial spark was set off, to step up to the DJ-booth himself. Both got cooking, the digging for tunes next to refining spinning techniques and the ambition to produce his very own material…

After relocating to Berlin in 2012 it took another 1,5 years until his debut EP was released on the Leipzig imprint O_RS records. Other releases, remixes and compilation-tracks should follow shortly after, with O_RS being his haven for creative exchange and comradery with likeminded artists. This very label-background would also indicate what one could expect when Braunbeck is playing: a selection that links pounding roughness and delicate harmonies, groove and melody.


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