Over his releases and DJ gigs so far, Aether has proven himself to be an exciting new presence in the techno scene.

Matthias Cordsen introduced himself as Aether in 2017 through a mesmerising, cutting- edge collaboration with fellow Italian duo Mind Against, released on Tale Of Us’ label Afterlife. It was the product of years experimenting with various sounds and equipment, with influences spanning Brian Eno, Miles Davis, Tangerine Dream and Lauren Spiegel.

The collaboration, ‘Solaris’, was the beginning of a fruitful relationship with Afterlife, leading to a solo contribution on a Realm Of Consciousness compilation, ‘Beyond The Lights’, and DJ sets at the Afterlife events in Ibiza. Cordsen’s Voyage podcast for Afterlife, an hour of his own, unreleased material, gave a more extensive look into the artist’s mindset. Aether had collected a wealth of richly melodic, bold techno tracks which see him forging a unique path within emotional techno. His gift for working a certain feeling out of synthesisers shone, as transportive atmospherics soar above tough, techno percussions and more abstract elements. The style suits the DJ sets of Tale Of Us perfectly, who included Aether’s collboaration ‘Covenant’ in the fabric 97 mix CD.

Aether’s DJ sets translate this vision into a slick, journey for body and mind, expressed through a diverse selection of experimental-leaning techno, house and ambient. His plans for a live set are also in the works, and guarantee to show yet another side to this highly- promising artist.


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